Salty Air & Mermaid Hair Quick Dry Towels

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This popular “Salty Air and Mermaid Hair” beach towel for adults measures 63” x 31”, so you can stretch out on it without getting sandy when tanning on the beach, and wrap yourself in totally soft comfort when drying off. Complement your stylish swimsuit coverupor beach bag with this fun accessory!

Our cute beach towels feature trendy catchphrases and come with a matching carry bag with the same sassy saying. Roll your large quick-dry towel into a compact size that is lightweight and easy to stow away. A space-saving design is perfect when you're packing trendy accessories and vacation clothes for a weekend getaway!

Microfiber Material

This cute beach towel is also made from a microfiber material that easily shakes away unwanted sand when you're ready to pack up and head home for the day, unlike traditional towels that cling to sand when damp. A microfiber material also wicks away moisture so that it evaporates faster and leaves you with a soft, dry, cleaner towel.

There’s no need to pack extra towels for your vacation when you have a trendy, quick-dry “Salty Air and Mermaid Hair” beach towel for adults. Buy this fashion towel for yourself, and pick up some other funny catchphrase quick dry towels for your friends and family!

Wash Instructions

Wash your microfiber quick dry towel in the washing machine with detergent only in cold or warm water, not hot. Tumble dry on low heat or no heat.

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