Beach Please Quick Dry Towel

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Beach Please” Quick Dry Beach Towel 63”x 31”

A trendy catchphrase on your beach towel is the perfect way to kick off the summer in good spirits! Our “Beach Please” quick dry beach towels are not only cute, but they’re much more functional than a traditional beach towel. They are made from super lightweight, microfiber material that wicks away moisture so it evaporates and leaves you with a faster drying towel. This material is also sand-free, which means you can easily shake away beach sand for a grit-free drying experience after laying out on the beach for a tan. Each towel measures a large 63” x 31” so you can get maximum coverage. Ditch the old style of beach towel that’s bulky, heavy, and stays wet longer for a “Beach Please” quick dry beach towel!

Comes with a Carry Bag

This “Beach Please” quick dry beach towel comes with a cute matching carry bag so you can roll it up into a compact size that’s convenient for vacation travel and transitioning from the beach to the boardwalk. A towel with a carry bag also makes a neatly wrapped package that’s perfect as a beach gift accessory for friends and family. You could also use it to pack your other beachside essentials, like a drink tumbler for cocktails, sunblock, swimsuit cover-up, and your sun hat!

Wash Instructions

Wash your microfiber quick dry towel in the washing machine with detergent only in cold or warm water, not hot. Tumble dry on low heat or no heat.

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